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The Client: International Engineering Firm

The Goal: #1: To develop a service award program to recognize employees based on years of service.

#2: Also wanted an online store where individual offices could purchase small quantities of company-branded merchandise for a variety of events.

The Process: #1: We worked closely with the client to develop an award gift selection based on their audience with choice at each year level they wanted to recognize.

#2: There are certain items that the company's 40+ individual offices need throughout the year, but in small quantities: tradeshow handouts, golf outing items, worksite apparel, incentive gifts. We worked together to determine the right collection of items that could meet the varying needs of all their offices.

The Solution: #1: When an employee reaches a designated anniversary he chooses an award from the collection available at his level. Easily accessible from an internal service award site featuring the gifts we provide and inventory, we fulfill each award, provide tracking information, and ship to the supervisor to present to the employee during an upcoming ceremony. Employees appreciate a gift they can choose themselves rather than everyone receiving the same item. It strengthens the message the company wishes to convey: We appreciate you and your service, and recognize your unique contributions.

#2: Through a custom-built online company store with a customized selection of items for purchase, office managers can purchase just the quantity they need for each event without meeting minimums, storing extra items, or worrying about company-branding guidelines. Orders are sent for approval to purchasing managers, quickly shipped to the specific office placing the order from on-hand inventory, and billed to HQ. Doesn't get easier than that!