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The Client: Maine Office of Tourism

The Goal: Find an engaging way for Maine vacations materials to stand out among a sea of other tourism flyers.

The Process: They explained that most of their efforts are focused on distributing information at end-user shows, providing exciting vacation opportunities directly to potential travelers and members of the press. As well as needing to rise above the competition, another challenge is providing up-to-date, seasonally-relevant materials that will be useful and utilized once travelers start planning their trip.

The Solution: A combination marketing piece that joins the visual appeal of print with the virtues of a website driver. Individuals and members of the press can read the piece immediately and chat with Maine reps at the booth; then at their home or office they can plug the Webkey into their computer which takes them directly to the Maine vacation planning website to start exploring their options. Taking travelers to the specific webpage that will best help them plan their vacation also means travelers are getting the most up-to-date information available, in a convenient, digital format. For the state dubbed "Vacationland," vacation-planning just got a lot easier!