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Hey, you're not crazy...of course you have big goals.
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Relief for the OVERWORKED:

In our last marketing meeting, got dumped onto me! And we need it by yesterday...or at least by . Hmm, and me with so much extra time - NOT! But I know who can help me - Dogs at Work. With a budget of for people, I need to ROCK OUR WORLD!

Bonus Round (this is where it gets really interesting)...
And by the way, Dogs, when you're coming up with ideas, keep in mind our , , and . Now go fetch.


P.S. I have more to say:

Good info in, good marketing out.

With the details you give us about your company and goals, our team will go to work developing ideas specific to you and your project. Then you'll receive the "Custom Ideas" proposal we're famous for - full of unique, clever marketing solutions to make your message stand out from the crowd and stick with your audience.

You might notice there are no products or shopping carts on our website. We're not here to sell you "product". We're here to help you deliver your message in the most effective, creative way.

We've been told by our clients that this is a refreshing approach. We just consider it putting the marketing back into Promotional Marketing.

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