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The Client: Local Bank and Financial Service Firm

The Goal: Continue to build on the personal and community relationships for which the bank is known and valued.

The Process: The bank has a lot of great programs but they're even better when people know about them! We work together to continually refresh outreach on their children's banking program, superior customer service recognition, tradeshow marketing, and appreciation for individual and business customers.

The Solution: Their children's banking program continues to be successful with small seasonal gifts to reward the youngest members for keeping their accounts active: plush animal toys at the holidays, 3D erasers for Back-to-School, Silly-Band style bracelets for summer.  Spreading the word about their community outreach program has included reusable shopping totes, drinkware, and custom desk journals. And informing clients about their services has taken the form of tech device cleaning cloths, iced drink tumblers, and nautical-themed items (a nod to their ship logo and coastal locations).