Personal Protection Equipment & Working Remotely

We are your source for all of your PPE needs and creative solutions for working remotely. Below you will find examples of things we can do for you, as well as solutions we have provided clients during the pandemic.

Personal Protection Equipment

We are a reliable source for all personal protection equipment. We actively track inventory from a wide range of manufacturing partners to ensure we can provide you with exactly what you need…and on time! We can source both decorated and undecorated merchandise, disposable and reusable items, and more. Use our expertise to source:

  • Face masks and shields

  • PPE kits

  • Disposable gloves, safety goggles, shoe covers and coveralls/aprons

  • Sanitation gadgets such as touch-free door openers and UV phone sanitizers

  • Thermometers (infrared, disposable, etc.) and probe covers

  • Sanitizer stations, sneeze guards, and work barriers

  • Antimicrobial merchandise

  • Social distancing signage

Solutions for Working Remotely

With employees, customers and clients working from home, it is important now more than ever for companies to continue to find ways to be supportive and recognize everyone’s value and hard work. With our merchandise partners, we have been able to target the many ways that employers can give people gifts of substance that will be useful and fun. We can source for you:

  • Digital incentive events that provide e-gift cards that allow recipients to redeem quality, brand-name gifts from the comfort of home.

  • Video conferencing team building events that offer fun, unique experiences that digitally bring teams together.

  • Customized, drop-shipped gift boxes sent to individual addresses, filled with your choice of gift items that can span a number of categories including:

    • Tech and productivity
    • Video conference aids
    • Home office essentials
    • Jackets and vests
    • Health and wellness
    • Fun and games
    • Food and beverages
    • Backpacks, duffels, totes, and more

Some Highlights

Take a look at the various ways that we have helped our clients reward and protect their employees and customers.

A leader in premium apartment complexes on the West Coast, Colorado and Texas, Griffis Residential has been working with Dogs at Work since 2017. Knowing that keeping their residents continually safe has been top of mind, we presented the Griffis operational team with a series of touch-free hand sanitizer stations to use across their 23+ properties. Griffis selected both pedestal style and tabletop sanitizer stations, allowing each property to select the quantity of each station applicable to their location. The marketing team designed the sanitizer station art to match their other COVID-19 signage, and once the units were ready to go, we had them drop-shipped to each location.

Globus family of brands

A premier international travel company/tour operator, Globus has been a Dogs at Work client since 2007. As the pandemic grew more threatening, Globus asked us to provide them with a range of PPE to support their slow migration back to their headquarters. We also provided PPE to be distributed to their travelers embarking on domestic trips to ensure everyone’s safety and security on-trip. Their interest in modeling pandemic-responsible behavior keeps everyone healthy and provides them with a pathway to travel resumption while building relationships with like-minded travelers. The items included reusable masks for employees, 3-ply disposable masks for travelers, infrared thermometers, antibacterial wipes, and bulk hand sanitizer.


A foremost authority and destination for luxury watch brands, Hodinkee has been a Dogs at Work client since the beginning of 2019. The pandemic precluded the traditional holiday party normally scheduled for December, so they reached out to Dogs at Work to find other ways to recognize and thank their employees. As Hodinkee is comprised of premier brand enthusiasts, we curated a selection of Patagonia merchandise from which their employees could choose their own personal gift kit…delivered to all of their individual homes. The high-end kit was designed to make everyone feel appreciated and to celebrate the successes they all contributed to in a very challenging environment.

An insurance company with products and services for federal employees, FedPoint has been a Dogs at Work client since 2015. Three different departments engaged Dogs at Work to curate Thank You and Holiday Cheer packages for their individual teams.

Team 1 chose to gather in person, socially distanced, in their HQ parking lot. This ‘tailgating’ party informed the gifts they distributed – gloves, fuzzy socks, ¼ zip fleece, masks and a mug. Very much appreciated on a chilly December afternoon.

Team 2 chose a wireless charging ultraviolet phone sanitizer with digital clock to stress the importance of health, safety and feeling equipped in individual home offices.

Team 3 chose a holiday package with stainless steel insulated tumblers and a soft-shell vest. The winter-preparedness kit was very much appreciated.

Special Note: Going the extra mile for our clients…Literally! With the preponderance of challenges affecting our manufacturing partners as well as UPS/FedEx, the Dogs at Work team personally delivered over 60 holiday packages to FedPoint team members to over 60 locations in 3 states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. This ensured a more timely delivery and illustrated to the FedPoint teams how valued they are by their company and their team leaders. It also shows our clients that Dogs at Work is truly ALL IN when it comes to service.

Both of these nonprofit organizations—one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the other in Brunswick, Maine—are organizations that provide services for intellectually disabled individuals. Because they service a population that is more vulnerable during a pandemic, it is paramount that they are able to keep their consumers and their employees safe. We were able to provide both companies with various PPE necessities: reusable and disposable face masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and giftable PPE kits.

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