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Have you chatted with Savannah yet? She’s our Summer Intern and the newest member of the team! Savannah will be here all summer to learn the ropes, put her crazy-creative skills to use on your behalf, and bring a fresh perspective to our team brainstorms. Give her a warm welcome if you catch her on the phone!

Savannah was born in North Carolina, but moved to Maine when she was younger and says she wouldn’t change that for a thing! She definitely considers herself to be a true Maine-ah now! She is a rising junior at Babson College where she studies business and plans to pursue concentrations in entrepreneurship and marketing. Her dream is to someday open her own business. Her obsessions include iced coffee and finding cute, local coffee shops, as well as listening to the Hamilton musical’s soundtrack and Taylor Swift on repeat. Savannah’s summer plans include: hiking Mt. Katahdin for the third time, visiting NYC, exploring Maine’s beauty, and eating as many lobster rolls as possible. She has three dogs at home, so you could say she’s excited to join the Dog Pack!

Meet the rest of the team here.

Design your own Nike shoes event

Nike was a big hit. We actually had a great turn out… The Nike reps were professional and friendly and all went very smoothly…Thanks for the assistance and the idea- it was great!


Director, Promotions & Events - Unum

This client recently rewarded its sales force top-achievers at a special event which included our on-site Design-your-own Nike shoe program. Individuals worked with Nike reps to build a custom one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers to their liking which was then crafted and shipped directly to them. Providing a personalized performance reward that also reinforced the company’s wellness and recreation message made it an impactful and memorable event.

Gabi's rescue dog PetrieGabi's rescue dog Cera

One of our clients, Gabi, shared these photos of her furry family members: Petrie & recent addition Cera – both rescue dogs. Since we’re pretty dog-crazy ourselves (in the best possible way, of course!) and support a variety of pet-rescue organizations as a company, we looooove seeing how our clients are enriching everyone’s lives by being pet families! Long live the dog (and cat, canary, fish….)!

Keep the client doggie photos coming - we love to see them!

Author: Lydia

Here at Dogs at Work, we find ideas that highlight our clients' brand and reflect their values and goals. We want our ideas to fit flawlessly into the lives of our clients’, their customers, and their employees. We like to practice what we preach! Each summer we like to send out a gift to some of our clients to show our appreciation and give them inspiration for their next project. This year, our VP created a design to put on a canvas tote bag. Send us your logo to info@dogsatwork.com and we can help you put your logo on a fun tote!

Author: Lydia

Whether you just built a brand new LEED certified building or switched paper towels out for a hand dryer in your office bathrooms, you want to showcase your efforts to go green. Let the next gift to your customers be bamboo! It’s sustainable, durable, and not to mention beautiful. A bamboo cutting board makes a great addition to a chef’s toolbox, since it is antimicrobial and harder than most woods. For those who are less skilled in the kitchen, some puzzle shaped bamboo party platters can make that store-bought fruit and cheese platter look five-star restaurant worthy! If you are looking to demonstrate your company’s dedication to going green, give us a call and we can help find the perfect product for you and your customers.Bamboo Cutting Board

LydiaWe are excited to have a second intern join our team and liven up the office this summer: Lydia! Here's a little about our latest addition to the team:

Lydia lives in Andover, MA where she went to Phillips Academy Andover. She is currently a rising junior at Bowdoin College, double majoring in French and Economics. When Lydia is not juggling her other summer gigs, she watches terrible reality television, experiments with different recipes, and makes yummy fruit smoothies. Lydia is ready to explore a different side of marketing and help us curate engaging posts for our social media pages!

We provided luggage for the participants of a Connecticut banking convention. The convention was a success, and everyone loved their gifts!

It has been a pleasure working with you and your customer service is outstanding.

Nancy S. Viggiano, President & CEO


We are thrilled to have Kate join our team as our Summer Intern! Please join us in welcoming her if you get a chance to chat with Kate in the coming months.

Kate, hailing originally from Pittsburgh, PA, is a rising junior at Bates College, where she studies Sociology. When she’s not at the office, she spends her time rooting for every Pittsburgh sports team (Go Steelers!), playing lots of tennis, and watching The Food Network. She’s very excited to learn as much as she possibly can about marketing and operating a small business this summer while she is at Dogs at Work!

Author: Andy

video brochure

I just got them and if you could be in love with an object, it would be true love :) Im going to show them off and be back in touch!


Manager, Social Media | Tzell Travel Group

These dynamic video brochures have garnered an overwhelming response from our clients and their end users. Simply open the brochure to turn on the embedded video screen and watch and listen to your custom intro. Users can skip ahead to interesting video chapters or watch them all in order. You can even customize each one to feature a unique message for each of your recipients: "Hi Sam, you've been chosen...." Intrigued? Well, you should be; it's a very effective marketing piece with a lot of pizazz. Shoot Andy an email if you'd like more details.

extra large imprint on custom toteAuthor: Hanna

Here is my favorite current project!

The all-over imprint boat tote. Plus it's made in the USA! The natural cotton canvas got an oversized imprint then the navy bottom and handles were sewn over the design for a truly integrated look.

Client's comments:

"Our employee recognition night is over and all the gifts were wonderful! Thanks so much for all your help. We absolutely LOVE the ship logo bags. I'm going to use them for a meeting in June. They will make great gifts."

Do you love it too? We'd really enjoy working with you on a custom design featuring your logo - give us a shout and we'll explore the options.

Webkey virtuals front and back

We just finished this custom Webkey project for another of our Travel clients - on time and looking great. For this project, their Webkeys will send travelers and travel agents to separate places within their website so each group sees the right, targeted information on the first page they land. Thanks for the feedback and kind works Katrina!

Hi Andy-

It was such a quick turnaround ... and they look fantastic!  Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!  It would not have been possible without you leading the project.  Now I'm just excited to see what type of response we incur on our website.


Katrina Plucker

Europe Express

Backpack with company logo ingot plate

It can be tough to make sure everyone will be happy with the marketing items you choose, but that's where we come in:

Andy, Can't tell you how great you have been. Can I give you a review on yelp or something? Seriously you guys are amazing , and we are a tough group we always need everything yesterday and you guys really pull it together and with some added humor! Thank you so much, its truly a pleasure!


Karen E Rocco - Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc

(Strativa Pharmaceuticals is a proprietary products division of Par Pharmaceutical.)

Author: Kelsey

Technology has become a way of the world, and we have taken advantage of that here at Dogs at Work. This summer we have found some great promotional items that reflect our world's technological advancements.

One of our travel clients came to us looking for a promotional item to give to out. We worked with our client to come up with an item that had a popping red color (their corporate color), and could be used by just about anyone!

We came up with a portable charger (power bank) that can charge just about any device that uses a USB charger. These nifty little power banks can charge your device on-the-go. This idea made perfect sense for this travel company – charge your device while traveling!

Dogs at Work helped this client come up with a fun, new, and advanced promotional item that will show their brand in a place that will be seen daily!

Is it time to market your own brand using technology? Or, do you need some other ideas? Let us help – we'll find cool, new, and exciting products to help get your brand noticed! Give us a shout here.

From one of our happy clients:

The golf tourney was a smashing success because of YOU!!!  Yay!
The bags were great and much appreciated!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Tory R.
Director Community Relations/Marketing
Parkview Adventist Medical Center

Our office dog Stella is creating a big buzz with her YouTube video! Maybe you saw her on Good Morning America or read about her in the Huffington Post.

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfw69p_rvU4

Kelsey bio cartoon

Please join us as we welcome our Summer Intern Extraordinaire, Kelsey! She’s had her nose to the grindstone with us since the beginning of June, so our introduction is a tad late (what can we say, we’ve kept her busy!). Nonetheless, here’s a little bit about Kelsey:

Kelsey is a Maine native, from Falmouth, and will be a senior (don’t make me leave!) at Bates College this fall. She is majoring in sociology with a minor in education at Bates, but also studies the business world in her every day life at home and at Dogs at Work. Growing up with parents who own a small business, she has always been interested in what it takes to operate a business and especially the marketing aspect. She’s ready to learn all there is to learn from the Dog Pack this summer! In the office, you will find Kelsey listening to country music, using a different pen for every project, and writing many to-do lists! When she’s not in the office, Kelsey spends most of her time at the gym, playing softball, and watching The Bachelorette (hey…it’s a guilty pleasure).

Welcome to the Dog Pack, Kelsey! We're thrilled to have you.

When one of our clients needed fun tie-dyed shirts for a community event - on a tight budget - we made it happen:

Hello! We got the shirts today and they are lovely! Nice quality, good, strong design - THANK YOU! And thank you again for helping me to come up with a lower-cost alternative that meets our last minute needs!

Take care, Hanna! :) Lis

Author: Andy Jacques, our winter intern

Studies confirm that promotional merchandise is more cost-effective than newspaper, magazine, and television ads! It was also found that consumers are 17% more likely to recall the advertiser from a promotional product than a newspaper. Among the longevity, the new business acquisition, the recall rate, the cost-effectiveness, and the ROI it’s fitting to say that promotional merchandise is the way to go!

Referenced stats are from studies conducted by PPAI.

The newest Andy on our team is a freshman business major at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Andy recently moved to Maine from Westfield, MA and when he’s not working hard in our office he enjoys playing ice hockey, taking pictures, and yelling at the TV when the Boston Bruins are on. Andy is looking forward to learning more about marketing and small business ownership as a whole. Needless to say we are looking forward to having another Andy around!


Author: Melissa

Whether you smile with delight or insist "it's too early!" at the sound of holiday tunes before Thanksgiving, the fact is that those end-of-year holidays are right around the corner. It also means it's time to recognize and celebrate those customer relationships that make your business what it is. Yes, it seems early, but it's really only a few weeks away....

Here are 3 quick tips for corporate gift giving:

1) Plan ahead

Make time now to discuss with your team how you'll acknowledge your important clients. Then make a timeline for when you'll get the Dogs at Work team on board and when you'll ship/hand out your gifts. (Remember to allow a few weeks for us to produce your items.)

2) Be Inspiring

Gifts are still a reflection of your business and your core values (whether we brand them with your logo or not), so take this opportunity to stand out. Skip the generic, staid options and let us propose ideas that reflect the true you. Big proponent of recycling? Want to emphasize your USA roots? Known for your stellar customer service? We'll suggest options that let your best features shine.

3) Make it personal

Share your company's story, recap the year's ups and downs, and show your gratitude for the customers that inspire you and keep your business growing. We can design and print custom greeting cards, gift tags, and even wrap and tag your individual gifts. That personal touch goes a long way in showing your appreciation is genuine.

Ready? We'd love to chat! Find us here or fill out our fun Dig In project form.

Author: Adrienne

My experience as the summer marketing intern at Dogs at Work has been a time that I will never forget.  After getting over my fear of answering the phone, and figuring out just exactly how to pack boxes with one of those nifty packing tape roller thingy-ma-bobs and not just tape ripped with my teeth, I really settled into the office life here at Dogs at Work.  No one day was ever the same.  My job as an intern was not just to get coffee (though, I did bring in the occasional assortment of Wild Oats cookies for meetings).  Right from the first day of my internship, I felt that I was an integral part of the Dog pack.  This summer, I learned how to take initiative in my work.  I learned about responsibility in a team setting.  I am now a PRO at packing, which will help me immensely as I move back into the dorms at Bowdoin College at the end of the summer.  I learned the value of hard work and that, while working in the promotional marketing industry is at times stressful, working with a great team of people can make even the most daunting deadline a task that can be easily accomplished.  I have learned so much about marketing as an intern here this summer.  I am so grateful to have spent my summer with a fantastic team of people – Andy, Hanna, and Jody (and Stella, Ozzy, and Biz!)  The experiences I had at Dogs at Work will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I will always use this company as a model for a fantastic business.  Thank you for a truly amazing summer, Dog Pack!

Adrienne and Stella on the last day of work!

Author: Adrienne

Mousepads are a great promotional piece for an office demographic. Not only are they prominently placed on a desk, but they have bold, full color graphics capabilities and feature your prominently placed logo, all for a very affordable price.  Our team of graphic designers recently put together an eye-catching mousepad for one of our clients.  They are very happy with their order!

Hi Hanna,

Just wanted to say the mouse pads arrived last week and they look great. Thanks so much for your help! I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


Thanks for the feedback, Joanne!

Author: Adrienne

Our client wanted to create a promotional marketing plan effectively geared towards a safari theme, and a middle-aged female demographic.  Our top priorities in our search for a great product included easy accessibility for daily use, easy travel capabilities, and bold graphics representing a safari theme, without being too over-the-top or too subtle.

Our in house graphic designers crafted a beautiful print for full coverage, bold graphic emery boards! These boards slip easily into a purse, pocket, clutch, luggage bag, or carry on.  Easy to use, on the go: perfect fit for our client’s needs!

See how our client responded to their new emery boards:

Hi Andy,

We launched today and the emery boards are going over amazingly, everyone loves them.         Great job, as usual!


At the heart of your marketing and communication efforts is the universal challenge all businesses face: Proving relevance to your audience of interest and competeing for market share. Information is key, and traditional paper and electronic mailings are definitely a part of the mix.  Dogs at Work has been working to find products that enhance marketing efforts with ways to keep messages front-and-center.

A fresh idea: WATCH IT!

89% prefer watching video vs. reading text. For times when your really want to invest in strong, concise messaging, a product like the video brochure can ensure that you control how your product and company are represented.

Combining traditional paper collateral with a new video technology, a video brochure can support your sales efforts in the field.  And best of all, this medium controls and protects your message - so it's delivered perfectly every time. And the content is update-able to extend relevance!

We are SO excited to welcome our new summer marketing intern, Adrienne White, to the Dog Pack!  Adrienne, originally from Upstate New York, will be a junior at Bowdoin College in the Fall, studying Psychology and Music.  She has a passion for marketing, and is eager to learn the ins and outs of the Promotional Marketing industry with Dogs at Work.  On a typical day, you can find Adrienne drinking A LOT of Wild Oats coffee, taking time during lunch to play with Stella, Jody’s yellow lab puppy and the second newest member of the dog pack, and singing along to Sara Bareilles and 90s pop while she works (yes, she can sing, too!).  Adrienne will become an integral member of the Dog Pack as the summer continues.

Welcome to the Dog Pack, Adrienne! We are so happy to have you as a part of the team this summer!


Author: Melissa

cleaning cloths for tech device screens

This tech screen cleaning cloth  is a great leave-behind for client meetings or to include with your sales materials, and is budget-friendly too!

One of our clients emailed us about their immediate success with these small, portable, tech-friendly marketing tools:

The cloths are working out great for the VP of Sales.  He brings a few every time he has a meeting and hands them out.


Integrated Builders, Inc.

Glad to hear they've been a successful tool for you already! Thanks for sharing Marianne.

Author: Jody

Brunswick, Maine based company Morton Real Estate recently came to Dogs at Work with thoughts of a gift they could give to new homebuyers and clients. They wanted this gift to embody the excitement of the home buying experience, while illustrating the nautical theme of their many waterfront properties. Dogs at Work was immediately onboard, and we loved the idea of capturing the essence of coastal Maine, while providing Morton's clients with a functional marketing tool that would serve as a constant reminder, and help to keep them top-of-mind.

The DAW team worked closely with Morton Real Estate to come up with a circular, 2-sided brass keychain medallion that would allow them to display their detailed logo (company name and pine cone) on one side, as well as their contact information and an outline of the state of Maine on the other. This personalized, high end medallion, paired with a locally hand crafted miniature wooden buoy on a sturdy key ring, created the perfect pairing. Melding two Maine icons beautifully, the pine cone and the lobster buoy, conveys the state's unique draw. Morton Real Estate has already started giving the keychain combination to new homeowners and clients, and they have received outstanding feedback!

Author: Andy

Consider these mobile tech stats:

  • Tablet computers are projected to double in sales in 2012.
  • Smart phones growth rate was 40% in 2011.
  • Sometime in 2013 – more people are projected to view internet content on their mobile devices than their office or personal computer.

So – pretty clear target at which to aim your marketing bucks, huh?  Ride along... literally... with that trend by providing relevant tech accessories that get seen as often as a smartphone or tablet.  We can help...here are a few ideas.

Neoprene iPad tablet case DigiClean smartphone cleanerFolding tablet iPad stand

When you're ready for some marketing ideas that will work hard for you, give us a shout. Or better yet, email us from your smartphone...

Source: Promotional Consultant Today article

Author: Andy

Recognition programs can be a powerful tool to keep your team motivated, fulfilled and on-plan.  And it's not all about the recognition gift.  The ceremony of the event to distribute the gift is just as important as the gift itself.  In fact, that is what unleashes its full value.  Well-chosen recognition gift + the ceremony of an event to present the gift = powerful relationship builder and motivator.

See what Mike, CEO of Trollbeads USA said about their recent recognition event:

we hit the target. We had the Danish management here during this time and we blended some other activities with the Hero presentation. The pens and plaque came out nice. Your team has made you look good again :).

Cross pen for recognition gift

Metal Plaque for recognition program

Author: Melissa

Our latest project:

Plush Bear with screenprinted tshirtThese cute and oh-so-cuddly teddy bears will be the perfect smile-makers for children recovering from surgery at hospitals around the world. And since this non-profit is all about repairing cleft palates for underprivileged kids – there's plenty to smile about.

Have a project where kids are your main audience? Let us provide you with a marketing product that appeals to the youth with whom you're working while also speaking to your goals like community outreach, family support services, or simply kid-friendly fun!

Author: Jody

Smarterbank is a new kind of bank that focuses on helping college students, grads and their parents automatically pay down their student loans.

They came to Dogs at Work hoping for a sleek iPhone case that would appeal to their clients while showing off their 5-color logo. The end result was big and bold - exactly what Smarterbank had hoped for.

Author: Melissa

....I gotta wear shades! Whether you're planning an event or searching for just the right incentive gift, Maui Jim Sunglasses should be on your list.  Give a gift card so your recipients can choose just the right style themselves or we'll send the Maui Jim experts to your event to set up an exclusive booth to custom fit sunglasses to each of your attendees.  What a thrill to get that kind of attention and leave with a perfectly fit reminder of how much you are appreciated.Maui Jim Sunglasses with logoed case

  • Incentive travel gifts
  • Sales meeting gifts
  • Sales incentives
  • Rewards programs
  • Consumer promotions
  • Client and employee appreciation


Intrigued?  (We knew you would be. We love our Maui Jims too.) We're happy to chat or answer any questions – give us a shout.

Author: Jody

Swiss Army Fragrances

New Mini Fragrance Sprays from the Swiss Army fragrance line are a refreshing way to promote your message. These clever samplers can be used for:

-  trade show giveaways

-  pillow gifts/room drop

-  sales meetings

-  part of a welcome package for travelers

-  event handouts

Most marketing endeavors rely on visual cues to remind people of a company or call-to-action. Be unique by utilizing the sense of smell to make your marketing message linger with your audience.

Author: Andy

When this international client wanted a branded gift for a convention being hosted in the US, we took care of the details so they could focus on preparing for the event.

Swiss Army multi-tool with EEsAI logo

Dear Andy,

Thank you.  You really went an extra mile.  Now I can rest easy.  Have a lovely weekend yourself.

Kind regards,

Author: Hanna

When our new client wanted to attract college students, we produced a wide range of products to meet that need. These pictures show the t-shirts and hand fans (shaped like ping pong paddles), but additionally we provided imprinted solo-style cups and ping pong balls. It's not hard to attract any student with these items and their promise to "Crush Student Debt"!

CrushStudentDebt tshirt & paddleCrushStudentDebt tshirt backsCrushStudentDebt tshirt fronts

Client Testimonial:

Our company decided, at the last minute, to promote our #CrushStudentDebt contest at graduation ceremonies and on college campuses. We had less than two weeks to place our orders and even bumped the date up by three days at the last minute. Dogs at Work still managed to, not only get us a wide variety of items on time, but produce high-quality collateral at an affordable price!




Journal and Pen Virtual ProofAuthor: Hanna

The client: Parkview Hospital

The challenge: Help patients keep track of health management details while in the hospitals care.

The solution: A pad and pen set that stays together. It's small enough to fit in a purse or bag, emblazoned with the hospitals website and phone number and wont take up all the space on a bed side table. This simple hand-out allows patients to keep track of everything from schedules, care givers' names and contact information to prescription details and insurance needs. It has been very well received:

They are beautiful! Thank you so much. Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE to whom I have shown them loves them! So...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Cheers to Dogs at Work for yet another fantastic job!!

The good folks over at Parkview Adventist Medical Center...your neighborhood hospital!!!

Author: Andy

Travel is a universal interest and summer is the heaviest travel period.  That's a big hint for corporate recognition programs.  Choose gifts and awards which accessorize and support travel and your recipients will find a use for them...Soon.  That means you and your brand get to play a part in the trip planning, the trip itself and then the next trip.  That's like hanging out with all your recipients while they travel the world...not a bad way to stretch your buck and build really serious relationships.

Travel Accessories


backpack for studentsAuthor: Melissa

When the American Institute of Foreign Study asked us for a backpack to give to students participating in their programs, we went to work finding a bag that would do double duty: serve the needs of busy, on-the-go, connected students and be a visual beacon for AIFS programs.  The winning solution was this orange backpack (which nicely cordinated with the AIFS logo) featuring special pockets for an iPod, larger electronics, textbooks, and a waterbottle.  With the student in mind we were able to identify the perfect bag to get used frequently and remind the user and others of AIFS.


Need gift ideas perfectly suited for your audience? You're in the right place. Drop us a line with some details.

Author: Melissa

logoed packets of seedsSeed packets were the answer for one of our insurance company's spring marketing endeavors. Looking for a budget-friendly tradeshow and event-reminder handout, this seasonally-relevant item was a success in drawing their target audience to their booth where they could then talk about the services they offer. Our client chose a variety of flower and veggie seeds.  With a playful tagline of "Lettuce help with your insurance needs" on the Gourment Lettuce packets, they positioned themselves as having a fun, approachable staff as well as connecting with their audience's interest in the arrival of spring and spring gardening.

Looking for some fresh marketing ideas for Spring? Give us a shout.

Author: Melissa

Rewarding your hardworking, dedicated employees for their service to your company should be easy. But it should also reflect your gratitude and be a gift they'll appreciate receiving. Break away from the cookie cutter programs and let us develops a Years of Service program specifically for you: your audience, your budget, your choice of gifts. Think an employee that's worked for you for 10 years deserves more than coaster? We agree.

Years of Service Program ItemsIKEA 5 Year Service Awards

Want to discuss a possible Service Program? Give us a call or fill out the project form.

Author: Andy

Packaging is another opportunity to tell your story and make an impact.  To most it's an afterthought because its perceived to be fleeting.  However – we feel it's a great way to show you've left no stone unturned when it comes to the details.

unique packaging ideas

We're big believers in the philosophy that Everything Matters – no matter how small.  Why wouldn't you want to leverage every opportunity to demand attention?  And the direct, or even subliminal, effect will help you rise above your competitors.  And remember – this is already a fun medium so let us dig in creatively to take packaging from invisible to invaluable.

Want to see more? Reach out and we'll share some interesting packaging ideas that can work for you.

Author: Melissa

top secret mailing contentsClient: Information security company that partners with businesses to deliver IT security solutions that work seamlessly with each customer's business objectives.

Goal: Increase the number of meetings sales reps schedule with list of targeted prospective clients.

We created a custom Top Secret mailing to introduce their services to potential clients. This spy theme supported the conversation they wanted to start about corporate data being at risk.  The kit included

  • A personalized letter to each "Agent" informing him of his "mission" to protect his company's data.
  • A handheld decoder revealed a special password to use online to learn more about the risks and the solutions available. This also allowed sales reps to know which customers had visited the website to read more.
  • Toy spy glasses (which allow you to see behind you) in a nice eyeglass case served as playful gift to encourage recipients to interact with the package and the message.
  • Custom printed mailing box featured Top Secret spy-themed design to entice recipients to open it up immediately!

We provided the branded contents for the kit, packaged them, and mailed them according to our client's schedule, allowing the client to reap the benefits without ever having to touch it.

This mix of creative presentation with relevant business information proved successful: our client was thrilled with the increase in meetings the mailing generated for its sales staff.



Looking for a creative way to make an impact? You're in the right place.

Author: Hanna

Recently we were asked to provide wicking t-shirts for a team of self-defense instructors. They wanted hi-tech materials that would keep up with them during their most demanding classes.

Here are the results in action:

Wicking shirts for self-defense class

Hi Hanna,

The shirts are here!  While we may not have been your biggest order, we may very well be your most enthusiastic :). The shirts are very nice and the logo came out fantastic! Wahoo!

Christine DiBlasio

Stone House Associates

Author: Melissa

How did Dogs at Work become the name for a promotional marketing agency? Great question!

It stems from Dogs at Work-founder Andy's passion for dogs and his recognition that outstanding canine characteristics like loyalty, tenacity, agility and ingenuity also make great qualities for a client-focused business. We strive to excel in these areas in order to be the best marketing partner for our clients.

Our dogs are often in the office with us, keeping us in check when things get crazy and deadlines are looming.  And when things get really busy, we put them to work on your most pressing projects...but most days they just hang out.

Ozzy "working"

Have a marketing project that's got you barking mad?  Throw us a bone with your details and we'll run some ideas back to you. (Sorry, I can't help myself with the dog puns!)

Author: Maria

GoParks Vests



Our international packaged tours client came to us with a specific theme in mind...GoParks! Tours

"We're thinking ranger vests, like the ones people wear when working in a National Park."

We scratched our heads, contemplated a Dogs at Work field trip to Yosemite and dug in!

Does your company have a unique theme in mind for an upcoming event or meeting? We are more than happy to help make those ideas come to life.  We will find the perfect promotional item that not only emulates your theme but possesses utility and purpose.

custom engraved desktop compassAuthor: Andy

A private equity firm wanted to highlight a new fund they started...and differentiate it from their existing funds.  We provided a very sophisticated Chelsea compass (made in the US) in a substantial brass housing to clarify the 'Charting a new course' theme.  Doubling as a desk-top paperweight, the shareholders' take-away was a fitting reminder of the annual meeting with complete confidence in their shared direction.

Looking for inspiration as you chart your company's course? Check out our clients' success stories.

Author: Melissa

Gaining new clients. Let's be honest, it can be hard.  How do you really convince a person that your company, your services, and your outstanding service record are worth a hard look?  Your potential customer may have never heard of your brand. They may have never considered a service or product like yours.  They're busy, and like the rest of us, they don't invite change – especially change that requires extra work.

But you already know getting new customers is hard.  So how do you break through and capture someone's attention?  To start, take a look at what successfully grabs your attention in your own life – product packaging for food, "junk mail" that you actually open, tv ads with messages you like.  There's no one right answer, but you'll quickly see a pattern of what works on you and what doesn't. Put that knowledge to use on your potential clients.  A creative approach to the problem will give you that edge and the chance to make a lasting impression.

Cheesy GimmicksWe believe in creative marketing so much that we've each made it our career.  Meet us. Poke around the site some more. See what've done for other folks. Then let's chat about your goals so we can develop some inspired approaches to make you stand out based on your own merits and not from cheesy gimmicks.

Your audience may not be American Idol judges, but they're still a tough crowd to win over. Let us know when you're ready to take your marketing to the next stage.

Author: Maria

Allow us to tap into your network...

Does this text message conversation sound somewhat familiar? 

We thought so!  When it came to our very own self promotion, the Dogs at Work team fell hard for these universal tech accessories because of their relevance in today's digital age.

Tech Trap

Digi Clean Screen Wipe


From a variety of price points, you can tap into your client's everyday life by being ever-present and more importantly, useful.

BUILT® Cargo™ Laptop Sleeve (12-13")                         Zippered E-Folio



Green Grass Charging Station                                         Custom Tech Skins                            


Interested?  Ping us for great ideas that are sure to make you  : )

Having an off-site event?  Sometimes the location itself is part of the excitement. Here's some feedback from one of our clients who held their meeting in Portland, Maine, and wanted their attendees to enjoy the area during their stay.

Hi Melissa,

EBSCO event giftsI wanted to let you know how our event went with the gifts you helped us provide for our guests.

We loved the books the binoculars you provided and were very impressed by how quickly you were able to design, print, and ship our order. The books on the Coastline of Maine are perfectly sized for our business travelers to take home with them and we were amazed by the quality of our logo on the small shaped space of the binoculars.  The quality was great on both items and the price was perfectly matched to our budget as well.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Osha Rose Saylor

Conferences & Events Manager at EBSCO Publishing

Author: Hanna

Want to attract your future big client?

Our bank did! So for Back-to-School they handed out 3D Erasers to kids who stopped by (with their parents). In addition they mailed out a postcard notice to all their kids who have accounts with the bank - their "Sneaker Account Holders". These adorable and useful collectibles have made Bath Saving Institution very popular with the elementary school crowd!

food-shaped erasers - kid gift

Get your clients excited about your service and product with a little marketing too! Drop us a note and we'll help you get started.

Author: Melissa

A New York-style Deli client of ours, well-loved by its loyal customers, came to us with a simple two-fold goal

  • Thank its loyal clientele
  • Spread its name around town

branded tote bag & tshirtT-shirts sporting their famous tent logo (matching the shirts worn by the staff) was an excellent way to appreciate the "regulars." And since we know these customers are fans of the business, they're the perfect audience to wear these shirts and act as "brand ambassadors" – sharing their love of the Deli's tasty food with others. Along with other fun special occasions like Moustache Week (come in sporting a moustache –real or fake – and enjoy a discount), customers were able to pick up a shirt with their sandwich on Free T-Shirt Friday recently.

Another item that met both of the client's goals was a large, reusable grocery tote used as a take-out bag for large orders.  Both relevant at the time of pickup as well as reusable on future trips, the customer leaves with a gift and the business's brand is shown around town.

Win-Win. Hey, any shirts left in my size?

Looking for a win-win marketing plan for your next promotion?  Let us know what's cooking for your business here and we'll add some sizzle to an effective marketing plan.

Author: Andy

We’re excited to report our Dog Pack has expanded…by One Maria Toro.  Maria moved to Maine at exactly the time we were sniffing around for help.  And with her marketing experience in the Boston area (Harvard Business School career services department) – she’s jumped gracefully into the maelstrom.  So bring it on…we’re more ready than ever!  Find out more about Maria by checking out Our People.

Maria Toro_Image

Author: Logan

silicone watches with logo on wristbandThese silicone watches have been a Dogs at Work favorite this summer.

Here are some of the reasons we are huge fans:

  • Come in a variety of bright and fun colors
  • Inexpensive! Great grab item or giveaway
  • Great for kids and adults alike
  • Waterproof! Great for the beach and pool

Could these watches support your next marketing effort? Some of our clients are interested in them for a quick point-of-purchase item for vacationers while others liked them as a give-away item at a sporting event. They are a very versatile promotional item because another watch is always useful (especially a waterproof one) and they come in a color for everyone!

They caught our eye, so they will catch your client's eye too! Their bright colors allow for an eye popping logo that will shout your message to everyone who sees it. They are small, lightweight, and versatile so they will surely be worn and your company recognized!

Do you have an event where a watch might be a good fit? Do you like the idea of these watches but need help deciding how to use them? Let us know. We're here to help.

Author: Andy

photograph-imprinted leather itemFor some brands, a sense of place is the most prominent element. And how best to help tell that part of the story?  Through graphics.

Our international packaged tours client wanted to introduce new South American trips by creating context.  So – we identified a manufacturer of fine leather products that can reproduce full color graphics to help highlight iconic locations within their new travel plans.  This Business Card wallet was both a fitting gift for our client's most trusted partners - but also helped to showcase the drama of their new tour locations.

And the price-point for this wallet...was easy on the wallet.  What better way to tell their story?

Ready to tell your own story? Write us a novella about your marketing goals and who you want to target and we'll help you accomplish spread the word.



Author: Hanna

Uniform programs are ideal for a productive business image, but the best uniform programs are not one-size-fits-all.

We have created a system for EFI (Electronics for Imaging - A manufacturer of sign printing machines and supplies) where each level of their team is given logoed apparel that meets the needs of their particular position.

EFI employees in uniform apparel

  • Managers and Tradeshow participants: black button-down twill shirts in a traditional cut for men and a feminine cut for women. This business style shirt allows the wearer to accessorize with a blazer, tie or scarf while the group maintains a unified, professional look regardless of the event.
  • Field Engineers (employees who provide service and support on site): Polos in a range of colors bearing the EFI logo embroidered on the left chest and their area of specialty on the right sleeve (SERVICE, TRAINER, etc).  Though the embroidered logo always stays the same employees enjoy different materials, patterns, and colors for these everyday uniform items.
  • Manufacturing Team: high-end moisture-wicking tees because of the demanding work they do. Chosen for its durability and wash-ability, this stain and wrinkle-resistant shirt maintains a clean professional look.
  • Loading Dock Crew: winter coats. Not only is this group exposed to the elements during the harsh New Hampshire winters, but also to vendors and other outside contacts. The coat program allows them to look unified and professional while keeping them comfortable and able to do their jobs efficiently.

Designing a uniform program should carefully take into account your particular needs. At Dogs at Work we are ready to help you design a program that will support your brand, strengthen your employee loyalty, and improve your company's image with each person your employees contact.

Want to learn more? Call us! 207-373-1159 or e-mail us at info@dogsatwork.com

Author: Melissa

Many of our clients are in charge of filling the "gift closet." You probably have one in your office too - the place where company-branded items are kept on hand to give to customers, prospects, vendor partners, and employees at a moments notice.  It's great to be prepared, but with some consideration for your marketing goals and your audience you can ensure the money spent on these general gifts is an investment that will provide returns.

One of our clients recently restocked their "gift closet" with these items:

  • A chic lunch cooler tote specifically for their female audience
  • Fun, pop out maps of the cities where they have offices so visiting clients can fully enjoy their stay

company-logoed lunch cooler and city maps

What would make a gift relevant to your audience (and keep your services top-of-mind)?

  • Do you take clients on walking tours or on job sites? Consider an umbrella, baseball cap, or clipboard to keep them comfortable and focused on you.
  • Is your staff in charge of meetings or presentations where people take notes? Padfolios and jotters are a great way to help people stay involved.  Quality writing instruments are a way to add ceremony to deal-closing gatherings.
  • Do clients travel to attend your events or seminars? Provide a small day bag or briefcase to help them carry event materials, or give travel accessories to make their drive/flight more enjoyable.

Want gifts you'll finally feel good about giving out? Logoed items your clients will actually use and appreciate? We hear you.

Tell us about your company and your customers and we'll give you a closet-full of great corporate gift ideas!

Author: Melissa

One of our clients is an art college with a Summer Studio program.  Each session they feature one of their own student's designs on a t-shirt given to all Summer Studio participants.  This year's artwork was another creative, full-color design with great visual impact.  Coordinating mugs for the faculty rounded out the mix.

By using a peer's design, the college provided fun, relevant participant gifts for the students that will hold greater meaning and be appreciated more.  And that means a greater return on investment.

Promotional Marketing T-shirt and mug

Do you have fantastic graphics that you want to bring to life?  Show us your design and let us share some creative marketing concepts that take your graphics beyond print!

Author: Hanna

shopping tote and drinking glasses for Bank promotionOur favorite local bank has spent the last year promoting a program they call Neighbor to Neighbor or N2N.

Here's how the bank describes their program:

As a community bank we invest in the local economy in a personal way. When you open a personal checking account at Bath Savings, you'll receive a $10 Neighbor to Neighbor Gift Certificate to use at one of these great hometown businesses.

It's our way of thanking you and supporting businesses in our community. Find one who is your neighbor! You benefit, they benefit, the economy benefits.

To support this cause they developed an eye-catching logo. And to make sure that logo and message are seen and heard we have been busy producing items for them to hand out: bags, hats, mugs and glassware. Their evident enthusiasm for this cause is appreciated by local businesses which, in turn, creates loyal customers for them.

We can help you show your clients that you're involved in your local community, and you can benefit from the goodwill that follows - just ask us how!

Author: Andy

We were charged with creating marketing items that the Avalon Waterways sales team would share with travel agents to demonstrate their inspired river cruise travel packages.  They focus on the fact that smaller ships allow for a more personalized cruise experience: Mind. Body. Soul.

Dogs at Work produced a custom-designed journal with a subtle cover deboss and an insert page, as well as a luxurious personal candle - all evoking the "inspired design" and attention-to-detail amenities of Avalon Waterways river cruises.

Avalon custom-made journal and candleEmail from the client:

I wanted to send you a thank you for how great the Avalon Journals and candles look.  Really nice pieces.  The sales team is just receiving them and has lots of good things to say about them!

Hope you have a great week.  Keep those ideas coming!



Need a marketing item your salespeople will be excited to use?  We're here to help.

Author: Melissa

custom-branded sticky notesSometimes you just need a small "reminder" item to give to clients and potential clients who visit your office.  Since you're anticipating handing these out on regular basis, it should be very budget-friendly too.

Sticky notes are one solution that increases brand awareness.  With 50 sheets on a pad you're guaranteed at least 50 views of your message and have earned a coveted spot on your customer's desk.  No one throws out a pad of sticky notes - they use them. They stick around, and so does your message.

We give Dogs at Work-branded Post It Notes to our clients because it's an item we all use at our desks and we know they'll serve as an easy reminder of our services.  Our clients have found success with them too.

Let us know when you're ready for branding solutions that will help your message stick.

Author: Hanna

snack basket for accountantsIn April, one of our banking clients wanted to pamper their Accountant clients by sending each a care package, knowing that they would be feeling swamped during tax season.  The gift they chose was a "Sweet and Savory" collection of snacks in a keepsake basket perfect for holding office odd and ends.  The client received a thoughtful, practical gift when it would be appreciated the most (rather than receiving the gift during the traditional holiday season, when it might be "expected") and the bank benefited from a client who feels he is appreciated as a customer and may consider increasing the business he does with the bank.

It's important to show clients and employees you appreciate them and their choice to do business with your company. Small gestures go a long way to strengthen relationships. How are you appreciating the people important to your business this season?

Smart businesses know that when they invest in their clients and community, their community and clients invest in them.

Have a group of people you want pamper in order to strengthen business ties? Let us know about you and your audience and we'll share some of our favorite relationship building tools that will work for you.

Author: Melissa

Dogs at Work welcomes Melissa's puppy Jane to the office dog pack! Ozzy offered an especially warm welcome with plenty of licks and tail wagging.  With the common bond of being rescue dogs, he and Jane were friends at first sight.  The rest of us are excited to have her join us during the work day too!

new puppy Jane at Dogs at Work

Hmmm, now how can we teach her to do a little filing?

Author: Andy

Get more eyeballs to your website – Here's the key to make that happen.

A Webkey, specifically, sandwiched creatively within traditional print collateral.  Serious 1-2 punch.  Get their attention with the collateral creative, and prolong their engagement by driving them on-line. This proprietary print-to-digital medium combines the best of the print and the digital worlds.

WebKey - print and online combination marketing

With this proprietary webkey technology, you simply:

  • Punch it Out
  • Plug it In
  • Instantly you're there...to any website, landing page or microsite of your choosing.

No clicks...just a smooth landing on any part of your website most relevant to your clients and prospects. It's what every business wants...more traffic to your website so they can see the whole you and nothing but you.

Aggressive response rates averaging 18-40% prove it works. And best of all – these webkeys are completely trackable with the most current and effective analytics.

Plug in these webkeys and watch it start up.

Intrigued about the Webkey? Contact us for more info.  We'll help you figure out if this could be an effective way to reach your audience.

Author: Melissa

A custom banner may be just what you need if you

  • sponsor community activities
  • hold an open house or on-site events
  • need to attract attention to your office location

Custom Promotional BannerHere's an example of a beautiful banner we made for a client who actively supports the community by sponsoring a seating section at Maine Red Claws basketball games.  Children chosen for this special honor enjoy special treatment and an exciting view of the action from "Lobster Alley" and people attending the game can appreciate the investment the company makes in its local community.

Need to get your message out in big way?  Tell us about your event and we'll work on some marketing ideas specifically for you.

Author: Logan, our winter Intern

When I started my search for my winter internship I was directed to Dogs at Work by a fellow Endicott College student. Flash forward a couple of weeks and I am interviewing at the Dogs at Work office listening to Andy give me an overview of "the life of an intern" while being steadily licked by Ozzy, one of the "dogs at work". After learning about this company, I was extremely ready for my semester to end and my internship to begin.

Even on day one, I knew that I was going to learn a lot in this small period of time. Not every day was exactly the same; I was always working on a new project, revising a previous one, or brainstorming for one that had not yet begun. I got a glimpse into what I could be doing in a few years if this is the career path that I choose.

The most important piece of information that I gained during my time here is that Dogs at Work strives to "put the marketing back into promotional marketing." Each and every task that is done by this company has that phrase written all over it. I have been able to see the success from taking a different approach than other marketing agencies. I have learned to ask myself "why this product" every time I am typing up a proposal.

I can only hope that whatever my career ends up being, it is at a place as dedicated and hardworking as Dogs at Work (actual dogs would be a plus too!).

A hearty Thank You from the team, and best of luck in your next adventure, Logan!

Promotional cellphone grip

Author: Melissa

We all have tech gadgets and phones we use on a daily basis – both on a professional and personal level.  So why not market to your clients by providing them with something to outfit their tech devices?

Promotional cellphone grip

We created these cell phone non-slip grips for one of our clients recently.  The grip is appealing to end users because it solves a practical problem: it keeps your phone in place no matter where you put it (on the edge of your desk or your dashboard) and never gets in the way like bulkier dashboard pads.  It achieves the marketing goal for the company by keeping their brand on-the-go with the client and ensures it is seen daily.


Looking for ways to accessorize your client's tech gadgets while increasing your marketing impact?  Here are a few ideas we recommend:

Promotional iPad and eReader PadfolioPromotional eReader caseCustom Promotional Kindle Skin

Author: Melissa

Promotional Marketing T-shirt

We worked with HighRes Biosolutions recently to create a t-shirt that would make a big impact at their upcoming tradeshow. They wanted to ensure their name and identity was bold, but also wanted to make sure it was appealing enough to actually get worn, and therefore continue its marketing fuction (smart client!).

To ensure their t-shirt would be the "must-have" promotional item of the show, we paired their bold graphics with two popular retail trends: an extra-large imprint and a specialty slub fabric. This proved to be an exciting combination and resulted in a polished, retail-styled piece ready to "wow" special visitors at their booth and earn extra time with potential clients.

Ready to make a big impact with your client base?  Give us a shout.Promotional Marketing T-shirtPromotional Marketing T-shirt

Author: Melissa

Promotional Bird-watching book

We're all anxious for spring to arrive and awaken us from this wintry slumber.  Reward your employees for beating the winter blues with a stellar first quarter with this gift idea: A bird-watching book paired with binoculars.

Since both the book and binoculars can feature your company's logo, each time they are used your employees are reminded that you acknowledge their hard work.

Binoculars with your logo

Make it fit your budget: perhaps upgrade the set with nicer binoculars or give just the book.  The choice is yours.

How are you motivating your staff to reach company goals?

Author: Melissa

Tap into retail trends and reap the rewards. Your company benefits from attention-grabbing graphics and that modern use of graphics reinforces the idea that your services are ahead of the curve within your industry.
Promotional marketing is the fun stuff – the medium through which you can be a little more playful and really connect with the people vital to your success: clients, employees, vendors. Here are two recent examples of how our clients used large imprints, unique placement and a variety of colors to connect with their audiences.

Promotional Tshirt with large imprintCustom Promotional Duffel Bag Concept

Custom Imprinted Swiss Army ToolPromotional Marketing Tote Bag with Heat TransferWater Bottle with Event Logo Imprint

Author: Melissa

Client: A community bank

Challenge: an end of year gift for its board of directors that supports the bank’s focus on its local communities

Solution: We incorporated the bank’s schooner icon by printing it on a custom-made leather photo album. The ship reinforces the bank’s ties to coastal Maine towns and the album invokes the positive feeling of community and the neighborhood-building projects the bank supports. We also wrapped and packaged the albums with a custom holiday card so they ready to be shipped.

Author: Andy

With a tight holiday deadline, we ensured their backpack order delivered complete and on time for their big event!

“I just spoke with Melissa a little while ago…the order is COMPLETE! The bags look great! Thanks again for all of your help! You really provided amazing customer service!!”

-Carla, AlpInvest Partners