Gift-with-Donation Annual Campaign Fund

The Arc – Dauphin County

The Arch - Dauphin County - Water Bottle

The Goal

Increased donations for their annual fund.

  • Annual Campaign

The Process

The past annual funds for the Arc were lackluster and only yielded results from their standard core donors that gave to the Arc every year. It was discovered that past leadership sent pamphlets with confusing messaging and too many ways to give, instead of focusing on a strong and clear ask focusing on their Annual Drive— their largest campaign drive of the year.

Increase and Incentivize Donations
Create a Tiered Gift Program
Solidify the Campaign Ask
The Arch - Dauphin County - Tote Bag

The Solution

We decided the best way to drive donations was to offer something in return. It has been shown that even offering something simple as a thank you can drive donations in any campaign situation. A campaign was set up where a branded item would be offered for a donation of a certain dollar amount, with the option for the donor to opt out of the gift. The donations levels offered a tote bag, a notebook, a water bottle, a wireless speaker, a duffel bag, and a rolling luggage bag. Items with low minimums and high perceived value were selected. The Arc was able to use unused items for future campaigns and funding events.

The Result

The Arc was very happy to report that they more than DOUBLED the amount of donations they received from the previous year!

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