Client Acquisition/ Direct Mail

Exclusive Resorts – luxury travel club membership

Exclusive Resorts cover

The Goal

Exclusive Resorts wanted additional client acquisition tools focusing on high net worth families to add to their 4,000 current members.

The Process

We examined the ER membership demographic to find it was composed of highly successful, busy people looking for a reprieve from their manic schedules. Their members travel to unique and stunning venues all over the world to help them rediscover the value of time spent with family and friends. These key ideas were an integral part of ER’s message – “Time together is the ultimate luxury.”

Client acquisition
B2C marketing campaign
Member retention initiatives
Strengthen member-brand loyalty

The Solution

We produced a multi-sensory experience using Exclusive Resorts’ video and print assets highlighting many of their locations and proprietary membership services. Our video brochures transport ER’s prospects to these incredible locations and highlight the unique capacity ER provides to build family traditions and strengthen vital connections between family and friends. This isn’t just about travel – we help ER deliver the value proposition of sharing meaningful moments, and bringing families closer together.

The Result

Exclusive Resorts orders approximately 8,000 of these unique and custom video brochures over several years. Their sales team couldn’t get enough of his dynamic collateral— producing impressive membership conversion data.

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