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Avalon Waterways – river cruise line

Avalon Travel Adapter

The Goal

Build stronger relationships with the independent travel agents who sell Avalon cruises to travelers, as well as build brand awareness with consumers and enhance the customer experience.

The Process

Avalon has an annual need to freshen up their customer gifts year after year to show that they understand and appreciate the partnership they have with their travel agents and travelers— the collateral that they select is both personal and functional to be used as needed and to adapt to an ever-changing travel landscape.

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The Solution

Many of Avalon’s most successful merchandise selections include:

  • Limited Edition Swiss Army packable backpacks that have been handed out at ship christenings, their Adventure Center, the Journeys Club Cruise, and for their more active excursions.
  • Travel power adapters doled out over the years, including the most recent upgrade to adapters that feature USB ports.
  • Reusable water bottles to promote sustainability and less waste.
  • Tote bags for their national travel conferences.
  • Slate cutting boards to promote their Avalon Fresh healthy eating choices.
  • Custom notebooks for their travel agents.
  • Color-coded nail polish for a women’s travel event.

The Result

Many of the initiatives that Avalon has pursued have yielded great response, spurring many reorders. The packable backpacks have been a popular choice for Avalon for years, with over 1,000 backpacks ordered to date. They have been so popular, in fact, they have been disappearing off their shelves faster than they can replenish them! The travel adapters have been one of the largest successes, with 16,000 units ordered.

Avalon’s parent company Globus has kept relationship-building top of mind when it found itself with a post-pandemic staff of mostly remote workers. To support their dedicated employees who prefer skipping the commute, we are working together to grow their efforts of strengthening employee connections, providing support to a remote work force, and improving employee retention through useful items that improve the work experience.

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