Gift with Subscription/ Premium Program

Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country – family of cooking publications

Cooks Illustrated cutting board and family of magazines

The Goal

Increase subscriptions for family of popular cooking publications.

  • Increase Subscriptions

The Process

We proposed and tested a variety of kitchen accessories that would appeal to the demographic and psychographic of our client’s target audience – whether they are a kitchen novice or an experienced chef.

Higher subscription rates
Maintain brand standards with quality incentive items
Kitchen tools that cooks actually want

The Solution

A custom designed bamboo cutting board was the right ingredient to dramatically improve subscription rates. The universal relevance of a good cutting board, the eco-sustainable message, and the aesthetics of bamboo combined to produce impressive results that have continued to provide results for several years.

The Result

This premium/gift-with-purchase maintained impressive membership lift rates for over 8 years— by far the most successful premium item America’s Test Kitchen has ever experienced, with almost half-a-million cutting boards ordered.

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