Years of Service Recognition Program

IKEA – International Home Furnishings Company

IKEA 5 years of service pin

The Goal

Create a Years-of-Service program to include product selection, inventory management, and the execution of an easy-to-use online order process for all US locations.

  • Years-of-Service program

The Process

We collaborated with the client to identify a merchandise assortment that would support their iconic, global image while providing value and express their appreciation to employees.

Years of service recognition gifts
Streamlined order process
Daily reminder of appreciation

The Solution

At the five-year level, employees receive a Swiss Army watch and custom IKEA pin. Swiss Army watches were chosen to mark employees’ tenure while representing the company’s European quality and design heritage. Our custom-designed pin shows off IKEA’s iconic Allen wrench so employees can proudly display their celebrated status.

The Result

Dogs at Work has been managing this recognition program since 2005. It has continued to be an honored tradition at IKEA to reward their longtime employees for their continued service to the company.

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