Multi-Faceted Marketing Projects

Thomas H. Lee Partners – private equity firm

THL Personalized Yeti 18 oz Navy

The Goal

Maintain and project premier status and leadership position in the private equity space.

The Process

THL is a renowned and respected private equity firm, as represented by their high quality and experienced investors, portfolio companies, and employees. The THL recognition programs and initiatives (i.e. “Going Green”) must match that high level of performance and prestige.

Investor appreciation
Brand-name gifts to match the taste of their investors
Subtle decoration = less promotion & more ‘thank you’

The Solution

Many of the solutions we have provided THL over the years include:

  • Swiss Army, Patagonia, Marmot, Alexa, FitBit, etc. for their annual shareholder meetings
  • Cutter & Buck bags for company meetings
  • Bose headphones for their associates
  • Personalized Yeti water bottles to support their “Going Green” initiative of installing water stations (also now a part of their onboarding for new employees)
  • Titleist golf package for their team building event
  • Power banks for conferences

The Result

We have been a trusted strategic partner to THL since 2004— with a wide-ranging and ever-expanding variety of projects throughout the many needs of their firm.

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