Project Description

Gift with Subscription/ Premium Program

This Old House Insider –online home improvement resource, a companion to the print magazine and tv show

The Goal

Increase membership sign-up rates to the online do-it-yourself database and video archives

  • Increase Membership Signup Rates

  • Target Online Do-It-Yourself Database

  • Target Video Archives

The Process

Most of their potential subscribers already know and love the This Old House brand and quality content. Because of this established relationship, a gift with purchase featuring their iconic logo was an easy incentive choice. So, the research began there. We developed several TOHI-branded items targeting their audience’s interest in home improvement. The client tested our ideas by surveying their audience. Then they tested those survey winning items again in limited quantity offerings to the public.

Incentivize the sign-up process
Increased subscriptions = increased revenue
Maintain customers’ brand loyalty

The Solution

A variety of our items have successfully increased subscription rates, but most impressive so far is our Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Flashlight which proved its worth with a 40% lift in subscriptions over their previous t-shirt offer. Through this collaboration our team is continuously generating ideas to be developed and tested. This ensures their gift-with- subscription offer is persuasive, engaging, and consistently meeting subscription goals.

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